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I Should be Doing Something Else Besides Updating The Journal

I'm exhausted. My body is exhausted. My mind is exhausted. My muffler has exhaust in it.

dum dum dum chiiiiiing.

I want to crawl back into bed but I know I have to memorize more lines. So many damn lines. Why the hell did I write so much to perform? Why didn't I have a couple of scenes that were in complete and total silence........ or maybe a scene where I just sit there and drink water or maybe put on another layer of Degree and just breathe a bit.


The show is going swell. So far there's been good response to it. Today starts part two aka "I talk about my boyfriend for about and hour and a half." When people ask me what the second part of the show is about and I tell them, I get this look that tells me that they've pegged me as one of "those girls that never shuts up about their boyfriends." Or maybe they're just really surprised that I actually have a boyfriend.... either way they have a reaction of some sort. Unless they've just gotten a botox treatment.

dum dum dum chiiiiiiiiiing.

Here's something I didn't realize: I'm not 12-years-old any more. Nor have I secretly been training for the Olympics in my sleep. If I had figured out one of the two, I would have been prepared for this neck injury I've gotten. See, I just assumed that I was a superhuman. I assumed that I would be able to fling my body around on stage for a straight 90 minutes with no problem. I assumed that my performance energy would be enough to sustain me.."water?! bah. You don't need water to sustain yourself. That's just what the Water Farmers of America want you to believe... water causes cancer, you know."

But you know what they say about 'assume': it's two syllables and has the word 'ass' in it.

dum dum dum chi-whatever.

So now I need to go and sit in a hot bath... shave my legs, drink a crap load of cancer causing water.

So. Yes. That's what I'm going to do.

What are you going to do?

Oh. Come to my show? Well swell.


April 24th- May 10th

Thurs- Friday

Hyde Park Theatre 43rd & Guadalupe

Tickets: low low price of $8

For reservations: 512-479-PLAY

Directed by L. Barthalomee

Written & Performed by: Yours Truly

Word up yo.

Word up.

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