12% BEER
  Tomorrow at 7:45AM I will be on a plane going towards Minneapolis.

Tomorrow at 1PM I will finally land at my destination.

Tomorrow at 2:30PM I'll be arriving at the youth hostile that will be my home for the next week. No phone. No kitchen. No air conditioning. Roughing it.

Tomorrow at 3PM I will unpack my clothes and sit on the bed and take in my surroundings for a moment.

Tomorrow at 4:30PM I will walk approximately 3 blocks, make a right hand turn and enter a building that has a plastic Ronald McDonald on it.

Tomorrow at 4:37PM I will request the front desk person to direct me to a particular room.

Tomorrow at 4:39PM I will knock on the door. Muffled sounds of excitment and happiness along with a 'Who is it?' will respond to my knocking.

Tomorrow at 4:39.56PM the door will open.

Tomorrow at 4:40PM I will be able to hug my brother and kiss his bald head and tell him how much I missed him and how incredibly happy I am to see him and that we're going to have so much fun while I'm here and I can't wait and does that IV hurt and oh, this place is nice and how're you feeling today and look what I brought you, it's a present that I haven't actually bought yet but lookie lookie at how neat it is.

Tomorrow at 4:41.30PM my brother will tell me to shut up.

Tomorrow at 4:41.36PM I'll know that everything is okay.


Not really sure what the computer status is going to be while I'm gone. If I get access to one, I'll try to put up entries, but I'm not going to make it a priority.

I've got other priorities I need to take care of this week.

I'm glad you understand.

Meanwhile, take a look in the ol' entries. I'm sure there's something there that you missed.

Enjoy your week and weekend. Take a moment to look at an old tree.

That is all.

Take care you guys,



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