12% BEER
Monday Night at a Bar- ROCK N ROLL, YO.
  I don't know what you're doing tonight, but tonight at 10:46PM I will be at the 710 Room on Red River and 7th.

There will be a Shiner Bock in my hand.

I will most likely be tempted to smoke although I have 'officially' quit.

I will still be tall and my hair will be looking good. Oh so good.

I may or may not be wearing aviator sunglasses with a giant diamond "$" glued on the left lense. I have not decided if these will, indeed, be a part of my ambiance. This will be decided at a later time.

I will wear a scarf as I like my neck to be warm.

In my hand I will secretly hold small ear plugs as I am a pussy and like the small fibers that live in my ear and catch sound. They are important to me. Very important, my ear hearing fibers of smallness.

My attention will be focused on an Australian guy that I happen to live with but am not allowed to write about. This person will be performing with his new band "The Handsome Charlies."

I am looking forward to it.

I hope that you will be there as well. If you see me, say hello as that will be a neat thing to do.

This does not count as an entry. It is only a passive way of inviting people out to the 710 Room tonight to listen to some music and perhaps say hello.

That is all. There was an entry written here on Friday. You should go read it. It's nice.

Thank you.



PS. I will also be watching Joe Millionaire on FOX television tonight as I wish to expose my brain to things that are bad for it. So bad that it's good. This is the white trash part of me that I enjoy. Aviator "$" sunglasses excluded.

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