12% BEER
"Why are those reports not on my desk? Do you want a time out young lady?"
  I was in a meeting for 5 hours yesterday.


I think only about 1.5 hours of it was actually productive. The remaining 3.5 was spent discussing gall stones, the miracle of weight gain vs. wrinkle control, how nothing will be as great as it was in 1993 and how I was too young to understand any of it.

There was one moment when one of the people I was meeting with tried to bribe me to do a task by promising to buy me a pack of smokes and a coffee.

I felt like I was at my grandmother's house. Yet, instead of my Grand dangling a Milkful in front of my face to tempt me to give her affection, it was a woman in a teal business suit dangling a pack of Camel Ultra Lites.

Before I could respectfully decline, my boss said, "What do you think you're doing? I'm trying to break the child of that awful habit."


When did my boss become my Mom?


Since when was a child put in charge of so much crap like orgainzing a convention and answering suicide calls? Should I be allowed to write with this pen? I mean, it does have a sharp point. And where the hell were my Cherrios and apple juice in a sippy cup, dammit... it's snack time!

Maybe I'm just a bit too sensitive about age issues and should just let it go. I am young. It's true. 24? Yeah... not even in the prime of my life, but damn, give me some respect.

If I was alive this long back in the 1700s I would have 5 kids by now.

Or possibly burnt at the stake...

Either way, I would have been given the damn respect I deserve.

But, ask me to pay my car insurance on time or start arranging for my 401(k) plan and I'll start whining that I can't find my binkie.

It's a double edged sword, baby.


This was just a brief rant.

More to come later on in the day as my brain slowly thaws from being exposed to so much apathetic office crap.

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