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It's Been 8 Days And I Still Ain't Got Nothing
  LadeeLeroy: Damn you elusive creative idea! Damn you to helllllllll.

Elusive Creative Idea: Muha. Muhahahaha.

LadeeLeroy: I've been searching for elusive creatvie idea for days now. I've delved into the depths of my mind and ransacked the small crawl areas to find something, anything, that could be somewhat creative, funny, mind boggling, etc. Instead I found stories that were just sub par: The time I puked on myself so that I wouldn't puke on the carpet and lose my deposit; the recent passing of Pappa Guppy and the gloom it brought to the household for three entire days; true stories about a girl I went to school with whose parents named her 'Dorkus' and how cruel it is to name your child 'Dorkus'; admitting that I've now taken up crochet and can't stop thinking about chain 61, loop 45 because that's just a weird thing to obsess about; how it's interesting when the brain wanders and you find yourself thinking about the birth of stars and wonder it there is such a thing as star afterbirth and maybe we're all just bits of star afterbirth walking around and what a cool thing that is.

Elusive Creative Idea: Muha. Muhahahahahahahahhahhaha.

LadeeLeroy: But then I hear it chuckling at me. Just out of my grasp. I know it's out there and I know how GD good it is and I want it. I want to take it and wrestle with it nude until every last ounce of that elusive creative idea has been pounded onto my keyboard. And I know it's in my head somewhere, in my life somewhere, out there...... I know it is and I need it bad. I need it so bad because it's been so long. So long since I've had a creative idea that was worthy of being exposed.

Elusive Creative Idea: Tee hee heeh heeeeee.

LadeeLeroy: And I don't know where to find it. And I don't know how long it's going to be until I feel as if I've captured it somehow. And until then, I just have to say that sometimes this is the way it goes and this is the way it must be. I cannot produce. I cannot pound out something that I'm not inspired by. I must retreat to my couch and enjoy the snow day that's been laid on Austin and just deal.

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