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Time To Update Your Quick Time Aparatus
  Remember how a couple of entries ago I was talking about a party I had and how by 7:30 in the AM there were only two guys left?

One fiddled with the animator-etch-a-sketch I had making moving pictures of an old man's face that morphed into the face of a fox. It was very trippy in the sense that I tripped out when I saw it, dude.

The other continued a dialogue with me as if we were representatives of a Native American tribe discussing the perks of trade with the white man and how a blanket and a feather seemed like a good deal as the white man was just going to get stuck with a field of land that even buffalo didn't bother shitting on.

It was, indeed, a great closing as these two gentlemen are some of the most talented that I know. Now that I look back on it, I feel as if I really didn't make note of how cool it was to be standing in my Tom Petty-esque kitchen with the likes of Fairbanks and Newman.

It wasn't until yesterday, as I was paddling through the waves of the internet and encountered both gentlemen on the superhighway of the sonic internet. Fairbanks now has a website (thank ye, fair Biloon for making this seen by those that were once blind) at I encourage each and every one of you to go and see what truth it is to say, "That fucking Fairbanks is a genius." (You may also catch a glimpse of me circa 2000 with about 2 feet of hair here.)

While you're busy downloading QuickTime, by all means, you should check out "Holy Ninjas." Newman is in it, as the rocking and the rolling holy ninja smoking priest who mutilates a follower of Satan's crotch with a couple of quick power punches. After watching this, you may say to yourself, "Damn, that Newman is a bad ass beating mother fuckier." And you would be right. Except for the part where you mispelled "fucker." Newman is a bad ass. He is an incredible musician, actor, and all around fine fine man. I love the Newman like the shag carpet loves the Chinet at a free spagetti buffet. I know he reads the LadeeLeroy from time to time and I hope he doesn't mind me giving him a shout out and a link to his black wife beater t-shirt movie.

So, all in all, this really wasn't a real entry. It really is just a glorified link page to a couple of quicktime shorts. But, at the sametime, it was a way for me to expose you to the likes of Fairbanks and Newman... a couple of guys that can close a party down with class.

Something more meaty to be typed later.

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