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Don't put my journal in a foster home. I'll start taking care of it. I swear.
  Soon, if not now, all of the images on LadeeLeroy will disappear. In their place will be nice little boxes with 'X's. You may feel a bit unsettled by this. After all, as long as you've been reading LadeeLeroy, there's alway been smiling Leroy right there with you. Along for the ride, to let you know that yes, in fact a human did write what you are reading and it is real and true and robots had nothing to do with it.


Robots have everything to do with it.


Everyone around you is a robot. Yes, you. I'm talking specifically to you right now. No, don't look around your area. There's no need, everyone around you is a robot. They're aware of this message being sent to your right now. It's all part of "The Plan."

This is a test, you see. This is a test by the robots to see if you will continue your usual patterns despite a familiarity being yanked away from you. Now that LadeeLeroy will be without images, how will your patterns change?

Will you still go on with your day? Lalalalanothingisdifferent? Or are you going to completely baffle the robots and do something unexpected?

The robots already know what you are going to do.

Or do they?

Beep Beep Eep Orp.

Keep reading LadeeLeroy. Perhaps the images will return soon. Perhaps not.

We'll just have to see what the robots do.


Okay. I lied. There are no robots. I have to renew my membership to the Diaryland server, hence the no images. Payday is on Friday. They'll be back then.

In other news.....

Did I tell you that I'm sorry baby for not updating? Mamma's been busy. Busy like a little bee.

For a minute I forgot how to spell bee. I think I'm becoming stupedir.

No, seriously. I've been doing way too much at once for the last month and a half.

But that's all changing starting today, sweetness. Today is the day when I concentrate purely on one thing and one thing only.

Today is the day when I begin working on the LadeeLeroy Show. Today is the day where I return to my roots, my passion, my love, my journal.

I return back to you today, sweet fine ass journal. You and your beautiful HTML fine self.

From this day forward, I will come to you and spoon you and tickle your keys to prove to you my love.

I love you journal.

I love you even if you have no images.

I love you even if you haven't been updated in weeks.

I love you even when you don't want to be loved.

You are such a fine ass journal, sweet

So fine.

I won't let them put you in a journal foster home. I don't want to see you on Montel five years from now recounting the horrors of your numerous foster journal writers. Making you eat out of the trash. Tying you up in milk crates and throwing you into the pool when you failed to link properly to another site. Circular cigarette burns on your template, one for every Buddy Listing you lost.

I won't let that happen, sweet journal.

I won't.
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