12% BEER
Kid Dancing

I wish I were 8 years old again.

Last night I was sitting at one of Austin's crappy lakeside restaurants, watching Lipman play with the 80s Pop! band that he has joined purely for the financial benefit of doing so.

And part of me really wanted to get up and dance. But I was alone. And it was at a lake-side restaurant, meaning that there were a bunch of people there that owned boats and had Plastic surgery punch cards allowing them to get their 12th liposuction for free after 11 purchases of liposuction at its usual sucky price.... so I was feeling a little out of place. I had just met all of these new band people. It was hot.

All of the above are reasons why I stayed plastered to my plastic chair, sipping on melted margaritas, doing the White Man from my exiled table for four hours.

And a couple of people danced. You could tell that the majority of those dancing were intoxicated on some sort of adult beverage.

However, when the adult types would take breaks to sit down and reorder or have a cigarette or two, this group of kids would take to the dance floor.

And they would dance.

There's a difference between the way kids dance and the way adults dance. Adults dance like they know there have been television shows created purely on the basis that the viewing audience would try to copy certain dance moves. Adults know that you can take courses at community colleges to become better dancers. Adults know about dances that purely exist for sexual arousal/release of sexual arousal.

Kids don't give a shit about any of that. Kids dance like no one is watching.

There was one boy who just spinned in circles for every song. He would increase or decrease the speed of the spinning, depending on the tempo of the music, but pretty much just stuck to his own peronal corner of the dance floor and spun. And spun. And spun. And then would get dizzy and fall down. And then he'd lay on the ground waiting for the world to stop for a bit. And then he'd get up and do it again.

There were a group of kids that would skip around in a circle while each took turns being in the middle to display whatever dance technique he or she desired. My favorite was a little girl who got in the middle and just started doing jumping jacks... but these were the most joyous jumping jacks I ever saw. They were Pure Ecstacy Jacks.

Another kid that could not have been more than 1 spent the majority of her time standing in front of the speaker.. she'd squat and then stand up.. then squat again and then stand up. The entire time her small chubby fists were clenched to the buttocks of her diaper to insure that she would not indeed shit her ass off because she was so excited about vibrating woofers.

The entire time I sat there, admiring those kids. Part of me wanted to leave my chair and get in the circle and do jumping jacks, or attempt to kick my leg up and clap under my knee, or do The Sprinkler with them.

But I didn't.

It seems that my Peter Pan tendencies are starting to diffuse. Soon I'll be left behind in the nursery with that damn nanny dog.

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