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What NOT To Do When Visiting The Place Where Kennedy Got Shot: A quick LadeeLeroy Guide For Those Who May Be Visiting The Place Where Kennedy Got Shot (aka "Dallas")
  Number One: Do not tell the tour guide that "Grassy Knoll" is the nickname you have for your special purpose place.

Number Two: Do not create your own conspiracy theory and act out specifics of the 'Fashionable and Sassy 4th Assassin' stance only feet away from people that are there to grieve.

"And then she totally was like looking all hot and was all like 'Let's have a blast' and threw her head back and her hair was all shiny and waving in the air and she laughed and reapplied another coat of lip gloss in her favorite shade of Pinko."

Number Three: Do not snicker in an immature middle school manner when you call the building the Book Suppository.

"Heh. Heh. It was jammed with books. Get it? Get it? Heh heh heh. Jammed. With like books. I'm the coolest."

Number Four: Do not run into the middle of the street and point and smile at the large 'X' that marks the spot where he was shot. Have some fucking respect. What's your problem?

What IS my problem?

Number Five: Do not be surprised when the Universe decides that it's now your turn to have a tragedy and laughs at your expense.

"Who is laughing now BITCH? Huh? Who? I am!
Ah hahahahahhahahahahlaughylaughylaughinanomnipotentway.......
Don't fuck with Kennedy."

NEXT UP: Is this the end of the Honda Hot Rod Civic? Is it??? IS IT??? AHH THE HORRENDOUS WAITING FEELING!!!

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