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Hundee and Bunty Draw For You
  Sometimes Lipman and I do things that are so fucking obnoxiously cute.

Usually, I keep these horrid, dreaded, sugary coated items of love in a giant box that no one will ever see.


It's just dangerous to our insulin lacking friends to unleash such horrible sweetness into the world.

But I have to share this with you.

Maximize your browser, because these puppies are hugenormous.

Yesterday morning, I was about 10 minutes late for work (normal). Lipman had come down with a head cold (abnormal) and was staying in bed instead of going to work.

As I was ironing my pants he was scribbling away in one of his idea notepads.

He then handed me this doodle.

"Bunty" is my nickname.

I shall pause as you find a container to contain your vomiting excitment at this revelation.

Not wanting such a doodled gift to go unthanked, I returned his doodle with this:

Yes. It looks like I've drawn a portly fellow giving Lipman the finger. That was not intended. Let's remember that I was late for work and had no time for detail and scale and what not.

And, yes. Lipman is aka "Hundee."

I shall wait until you retrieve the container mentioned previously to hurl your expression of approval for this moniker.

Hundee, not wanting to be one-upped, then scribbled this for me:

I admire the detail and applaud the creative use of "Wuv Express."

Having to show that I, too could 'express wuv' in a visual sense returned with this:

Notice the box is entitled "Matches of Wuv."

Thank you.

Needless to say, Hundee responded with a space theme:

I admit, this one was a bit creepy. The fairy with the disfigured legs. The exploding ball of light. It was filled with chills of the wuv sort. But the message was clear. (Edit: Lipman just informed me that the 'ball of light' in the middle is not a ball of light, but rather a large tree. "It's like you're looking up at the tree." When I asked if that meant the creepy fairy was flying/falling towards the viewer he said, "I dunno. I guess. That's not a fairy, it's a love elf with wings." I apologize for the mistake.

But, I too, can express Wuv in Outer Space.

Notice the scale. The detail of the planet. The replacement of 'O' with hearts.

Genius, people. This is an example of GEN-I-US!

But I had not known that Hundee was also a part of the Genius Club. If I had, I would have expected this:

How could I compete with such a stroke of perfection? The 'soaring' heart with large eyeballs. The mountain range and the stream of water running between? The corniness, yet true confessions, of a heart with wings?

I cannot compete.

And, thus, Hundee wins this round of Disgustingly Creative Expressions Of Wuv.

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