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Oh. A Roommate is a GOOD thing. I see.
  I've never had roommates before. Always been the loner type or the co-habitat type with a significant other. Something about enjoying my own space. Being able to sit around naked while I ate a sandwich. Watch infomercials until 2:45 in the morning without disturbing the sleep of others. Not worrying about passing gas- mostly because I never do. Ever. I'm a lady.

When I left, I didn't really know where to go. Wakey told me that I could stay with her as long as I like. With her and the Werz and Newmany. Three of my favorite people in the entire world. All under one roof.

I'm not planning on staying there forever. Still a subscriber of needing one's own space. Wakey's been very generous and insists that it's not a problem. I believe her completely. It's more of a pride thing. I have to figure out how to cover my last couple of months on the lease I have with Lipman and still be able to pitch in some how at the temporary housing by doing yard work, dishes, something. Anything.

But that's not the reason why I'm writing this entry... the reason why I'm writing this entry is because I can see why one would want to have roommates.

It's damn fun.

Waking up and walking downstairs to find a Newmany sitting on the couch, watching Mr. Rogers and commenting on how he never realized how creepy the mailman Mr. McFeely was until today.

"And they named him Mr. McFeely. I wonder if it was to teach kids to be scared of creepy men."

But then I Googled Mr. McFeely and it turns out that McFeely was Mr. Roger's middle name. Which is even creepier. Because it's always the one you don't suspect. The nice one in the sweater. Really exicted about being your neighbor. Asking if you want to take a ride on his magical trolly. Watching a little too hard as you feed his fish.

I never would have known this if it weren't for Newmany.

Wakey will give me good morning kisses. Wakey gives me welcome home kisses. Wakey gives kisses because she thinks I do something cute.

"Ah, Leeeeeroy. Kees kees kess."

"What? Why'd you give me keeses?"

"Because you're so cute."

"Why because I did this?" (Throws arms into the air and wiggles elbows.Looking all cute and shit while I do it.)

"Ahhhhhh! Yes. Kees kees kees."

Wakey is a big sweet pea. Always soft and cuddly. Always ready with a hug or a piece of advice if you ask for it.

"Nu-uh. You do not stand for that."


"Nu-uh. You are mother fucking Ladee Leroy. Ladee Leroy does not deserve that."

"You're right Wakey." (Throws arms into the air and wiggles elbows.)

"Ahhhhh! Kees kees kees."

Damn. Who knew that it could be like this? Who knew that being in the house with other people could actually be good for you? Like, supportive and stuff. I kind of had an inkling, but I didn't really know.

Werz lost his car. I won't go into how or why. Bottom line he lost it. And he looked for it. All over. Every street inside and outside of Austin. Disappeared. Gone. No where to be found. It's been a week and a couple of days and I admit, I didn't think that he was going to get it back. If he did, it would be in scraps and parts or have the smell of deer piss in it. Because deers are notorious for stealing cars and pissing in them. It's true. Google it suckah, if you don't believe me.

Then today I got an e-mail from him that stated the car had been found. I literally jumped up and down in my chair, because it was a relief. I was happy for him because I knew that this weight would be lifted from his shoulders and he could at least not have to worry about where his main ride went.

Now if I hadn't been around Werz for the amount of time that I've been around him, this news would have been more of a "Ahh, good for Werz" but instead it garnered the reaction of "FUCKING A! I'm so DAMN glad YOU FOUND YOUR CAR!!!"

It's a clan. It's a family clan that doesn't share blood, but space. I love being around it. It's nice. I can understand why people have roommates now.

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