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So Fucking Bored
  I'm working on a film. I'm excited about it. It's going to be great. Looking forward to the final product as I hope it will be plated in Cinematic Gold.

There's a cliche expression for working as an actor on film: "Hurry up and wait."

You'll work a total of 3 minutes. But in order to do those three minutes, you have to wait around for 8 hours.

I had to wait around for 8 hours to do 3 minutes of work today.

I have never been so bored in my life.

Sitting in a room. Packed into a 8' x 10' space lined with chairs and personal belongings. At most 5 people in it trying to achieve some position of personal comfort. An impossible task when there's hard carpet serving as the only barrier between your body and the ever powerful force of gravity. This for 8 hours.

I need to learn how to entertain myself.

Thankfully there was a computer with Internet access. I didn't even ask who it belonged to because the need to be in the outside world was too great. I e-mailed so many people. Ridiculous e-mails.

"Beards are hard to deal with I bet. Especially if you have to wear make-up. Blending, you know?"

Jesus Christ. I was a fiend. Something about the clack of the keyboard.. the quickened pace when a sentence appeared out of no where... the slower, easy pace when a philosophical idea was trying to be expressed.

"You know.... that's just the way ... life.. is. Sometimes... you just have to plunge.... the toilet... get rid of the shit... and pray that ... that... it flushes. It's just the way of the Universe, man."

Apologies friends if you were on the receiving end of one of these atrocities. I was bored.

There was a moment when I just wanted to rip my eyebrows off like they were two pieces of furry brown tape. Wave them around. Then start using the gashes as a rip away start for the face.

Have you ever been that bored? To the point where you just want to rip the skin off of your face because there's NOTHING else to do?

I took a couple of naps. All of my body blood would collect on the side closest to the ground. Waking and trying to walk was painful for the first 40 seconds of so, but it was nice to at least feel something besides complete boredom.

Tomorrow I'm bringing a book.

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