12% BEER
Chardonnay. Pass it on.
  O! Chardonnay!

Your white hue is just a costume for the potency that you posess.

You cause people to mispell the word 'posess' but also make them feel confident so that they don't even care.

How you cause my boyfriend to collapse on the couch of slumber and contimplate the thoughts of fishes.

"Do you think they ever want to take walks?"

O! Chardonnay!

Only you can cause such inquiries to exist. Only you can cause such people to pick up the phone and call friends from afar only to pose questions about what the music industry is searching for.

"Comedy is where it is at. If you disagree then you are either unpopular or have a razor blade posed in the vertical vein position."

O! Chardonnay!

I shall drink you even if you are of the $6.48 cent persuasion. Down my throat you will go and in my stomach you will live until your spells are no longer needed.

Sit there amongst the homeade chicken soup. Swill about in the acidic juices and let your essences float unto my frontal lobe.

"I think that sometimes I'm psychic because I always think about the phone ringing 15 minutes before it actually rings."

O! Chardonnay!

You were the first alcholic beverage I ever encountered, nested in your pouch of boxed goodness. Into a coffe cup of wonder did you pour. Sip I did as I sat on a bean bag chair and watched a rerun of Golden Girls.

Paranoid I was as I listened for the impending arrival of my mother's car. Did it ever come??

I do not know, Chardonnay! But I do know that you are the white wine of wonder.

And because of your amazing ability to make me talk about things pertaining to the Freudian blunders of Japanime' I thank you.

Thank you Chardonnay.

Thank you for what you are.





I shall drink you for as long as I can and shall not take a Tylenol after.

Char. Donnay.

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