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Vote Me Out Now Cause I'll Be Kicking Your Asses Later
  An appeal to my fellow diaryland survivors. Kind of.

Well well well.

How interesting this game has become! And I must say, today was the first time that I actually saw the majority of you actually start to take an interest in the game instead of talking about chocolate and friends. It was the first time I actually got excited about all of the bullshit that's been going on for the last couple weeks.

I'm not here to make friends. I am here to write. And, from the majority of what has been written in the Survivor Blog, you are voting purely on the quality of the writing.

So am I.

Yeah. I'm in a fucking alliance. We got t-shirts. We got a keg icing in the corner.

But- here's the deal. All that's being said about alliances voting without thinking about quality of writing before hand is bull shit.

Because I don't let people tell me how to vote. I vote for whom I choose to vote. And the fact that other people happen to agree with the person I'm voting for doesn't mean that they're intimidated by me. They're playing the game just like the rest of you are. For me, I'm voting for people that I do not think should compete with what's left on the island for various reasons: they whine too much, they have large egos, they get upset when judges have an opinon, or their IC entries had barely any effort thrown in them, among other reasons. Personally, I don't like to read stuff that deals with belly aching. My eyes have better things to do.


I am impressed with many of your journals. Some- not so impressed.

And that's the way I vote.

And I haven't lied to any of you. Not once. Boo yeah, beetches.

So get rid of me... because that's the only way you're going to make this contest a whole lot easier. Ego? Nah. Honesty.

It's a game. And I'm playing it to the end.

There's no whining from me.

Here's a link to the poll so you can just get it over right now.

And don't bother sending me chocolate.



And, for the rest of the population out there, please ignore this entry and read my previous one about Alex. Thanks. Take care. Shall update soon. Ta.

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