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My Turn for Some Google Action
  I proudly announce that I am the number one choice on for the query "Enjoyment Fuck."

I would like to take this moment to thank my Mom and Dad for all their support. Also, I would like to thank God. Heavenly Father, I would have never been able to make it to the #1 spot to click for those just looking for an "Enjoyment Fuck" without your omnipotent guidance. Thank you.


In other Google news.

I am:

# 1 for "Levilite" (the birth control pill I was on and hated)

# 3 for "Big Breasted Amputees"

# 6 for "Ballet Dancer Panties"

# 4 for "From the Pimpstick to the Pulpit: It's Magic"

# 8 for "Females in skirts and dresses at all times"

# 9 for "Midget Fuck"

# 9 for "How to Do Street Magic"


I find it to be very interesting that I get #1 for "Enjoyment Fuck" and #1 for "Levilite." Hm.

Perhaps it is a statement on my lifestyle.

The fact that I am #9 for "How To Do Street Magic" is also another comment on my lifestyle.

A lifestyle filled with enjoyment of fucking and street magic, all with the back-up protection of birth control pills.

Boo yeah. I am a motherfucking Rock Star.

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