12% BEER
I Ain't No Fucking Lipton. I'm Mother Fucking Earl Grey, Beetcha.
What da Fuck You Lookin' At?

Ima hotcuppa tea.

You putta me onda tongue and I'll burnyou likea monkin protest.

It'lla be soverys bad that yous a gonna take a paperclippa try to scrape da dead tastebuds offa your tongue.

But dat ain't gonna work.

You's pretty stupid, eh?

Dass why you shoulda try to drinkamore water.

I'm just waters evila and hotta brudda.

Earl Grey representen', ho.

Early Grey is gonna get all burnification in youra mouth, beetcha.

Now whya you gonna go and take annuder seep of me?

Don'tcha know that blowing witcha mouth ain't gonna defeat da Earl Grey.

I'm here tostay, beetcha.

You ain't gonna beable to pullno Boston Tea Party on my ass 'coz I'll jump outta dah water and into your mouth with a burning vengence.

Was dat?

You can't resist my earlymornin' flava?

Ahhhhhh, baby, who can?

If you want sensimativity, you gonna have to hook your self up with some Hibsicus or some Green Tea shit, because Earl Grey is tough, baby. I don't fuck around.

Dat's what I thought. You besta be tea baggin my ass 'coz ain't no way dat I'm gonna be da' flavah master I'ms to be if you ain't dunkin dat sheeeeeet.

Now drink me, bitch. I ain't got alls day to sit and simmer. I'm chock full of flavah now... not that you'llknow 'coz you ain't got no taste buds left.

Dumb ass ho.

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