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We're just a bunch of Mormon White Folks.
  Is it just me... or did America look like a bunch of white jack asses during the Olympics?

Okay, I admit- I didn't watch a single event of the Olympics- not one. However, I was kept abreast of all the scandals and "Argentina said that Algeria is fat and wrote something in some language about your Mom sucking at knitting" kind of gossip.

But I did manage to catch the closing ceremonies.

If I were in another country, watching whatever broadcast was coming from the USA for the Olympics and I saw KISS, Charlotte Church, and the Osmonds saying farewell to the world- I would think that we were a bunch of Capitalist dumb asses.

There must not be any other minorities in Salt Lake City because all I saw on television were a bunch of white mormons skating around and singing.. (I didn't know that KISS was mormon..)

Part of me also just wanted to see someone eat it while skating around on that rink. Man, oh man, what I wouldn't have given to see Charlotte Church and the Guy That Sings get slammed by a pair of ice skaters doing their ice dance thang. And boy, oh boy, I was hoping that the "Child Of Light" from Italy would smack the "Child Of Light" from America upside the head with her "Globe Of Lit-Up Peace."

I love it when I'm cynical.


On another note...

The show opened this weekend. It went incredibly well. Excellent aundience.. alot of those moments on stage where you're sitting in the middle of a scene and you just kind of forget that there are people all around you.... I don't know how to explain it, but it's when you look into another actor's eyes and you get this bolt of lightening shoot through the top of your head and for a moment you don't even have to think because some how you're channeling.. anyway, I'm blabbering away all artistic like and it's getting on my nerves if it's not getting on yours.


Here's one of the coolest things about being in this play....

Check out the brusies, man........

Does this make me a bad ass actress or what? Sure, I suck at dramatic pauses and believable delivieries... but man, I can bruise with the best of them.

Okay. I have to fake my way through network administartion questions. Will return later.

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