12% BEER
Too Much Information, I'm sure. But fuck it...
  I tell you what.

My apartment has turned into a cave of hot, steamy, sweaty sexing.

And I have to admit, I'm enjoying it.

This may be a shock to some of you- but sometimes sex just isn't all that it's worked up to be. Many a times you find yourself in a post-coital position, usually sitting on the toilet as to avoid urinary tract infections- with elbow on the knee, chin rested in a very unpleased way. Just sitting on the toilet... knowing that you just had mediocre sex with a mediocre guy.

Then you sort of realize that your Cave Of Wonders is so much more worthy of more than mediocre. And you pledge to yourself that, from that point forward, you will only have incredible, twin-bed shaking, toes curling, sweat dripping, wash the sheets ASAP, hot sex.

But then you think, "Eh. Sex isn't everything." And you go back to bed with the mediocre guy- who's taking up most of the bed and is using the good pillow as a leg pillow- and you curl up next to him and fall asleep, too.


When you're in a realtionship that you think is far more extraordinary than mediocre- it seems that the bedroom becomes a much more fascinating place.

You're not afraid to play stupid games like "The Crew of Apollo 13 Gets Kinky Behind The Moon" or "How to Play A Didgeree Doo." You don't hesitate in holding back freaking sounding grunts and pleasurable yelps because you know that the person you're in love with won't hear you because he's doing the same thing.

And you know that you're having good sex when you find yourself, again, post-coital position, sitting on the toilet as to avoid urinary tract infections, not even knowing what the word 'medicore' means because you're trying to figure out how to wipe without having post-orgasm tremors.

Was that too much information?

Perhaps. But I don't care.

Thank you, Fantastic Sex Goddess for giving me the ability to let me feel so damn happy from such a simple, physical activity with a fantastic incredible guy that I love.

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