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Have you met Tim DeLaughter?

I'd like to intorduce you to him.


Yes, he looks familiar. You might remember him from that band Tripping Daisy.

But now- Now, dear reader, he has moved onto other musical endeavours.


If I can turn you onto any sort of music, it would be this or this or this I don't know. Maybe you won't like it. That's okay, because I love it enough to make up for your apathy.

The Polyphonic Spree has done something to me. It's renewed my hope and faith that good music can still be made in today's society that respects and markets complete and total crap. (I'm looking in you direction Mr. MTv.)

Seeing them live, however, is an experience that I can only compare to a Church Revival. I'm not religious in the least, but if The Polyphonic Spree were a cult, I'd ask them for another cup of Kool-Aid.

Tim DeLaughter has this abilty to spew nothing but positive energy out of every pore of his body. And what's even better is that this energy is completely contagious. Every member of the band/orchestra (there are about 20 members... a choir, strings, brass, wind, percussion, one of those magnet insturments that makes the Scooby Do Theme song a hit) has got a version of this incredible virus.

And I caught it.

At most concerts, I find enjoyment in singing along with the vocals, helping out the sounds of the bass guitar or whatever.

But I didn't even have the urge to do that.

The music was already so damn pure that I didn't want to taint it with my usual additions.

What was also unusual is my fascincation with the entire band. Usually, I'm pretty focused on the lead vocalist, but all of these guys were so engaging. There was the high school French Horn player that was having the fucking time of his life. There was the vilonist guy that looked like a Math teacher who would start jumpng at the most opportune moments screaming, "LA LA LA LA LA" at the crowd. The bass guitar guy was in his own world of bliss. The entire choir had nothing but love in their eyes as they watched DeLaughter jump about and flail his arms about.

Princess said that, if I were a rock star, I would be Tim DeLaughter.

That is a fine fine fine compliment that I accept proudly.

So, this will end the blatant promotion of what is now one of my favorite bands. Please, find a way to see them live if you live anywhere in the Dallas/Ft. Worth/Austin.. you know, Texas area because I just have compelte and utter faith in this band's intentions and purity.

Now when The Polyphonic Spree Barbie comes out, I may have to revise this entry.

But until then... I declare myself a fan.

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