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I'm Drinking A Glass of Milk Right Now
  Excuse me..?

Do you mind if I gush about my boyfriend for a little bit? I know, I know. Girls who talk about their boyfriends on end are annoying, sad, low self esteem-problem beings.

But my boyfriend did the most romantic thing.

We were at a Kirby Lane getting some breakfast. I had a hankering for some granola- a very weird occurance that I hope becomes habitual. Ordered it. The waiter guy comes up to our table with the bowl of granola and a glass of soy milk.

Waiter Guy:We're out of milk, so I brought you a glass of soy milk.

Ladeeleroy: Oh. No milk. Dang. Um. I'm allergic to soy, so I can't drink that. I'll just eat it dry, no problem.

I didn't think this was the biggest deal in the world. I actually don't mind my cereal dry. I was just finishing my sentence when Lipman says: Is there a store nearby where I can get a little carton of milk?

I was stunned. I turned my head and looked at him. My mouth kind of dropped a bit because I was so taken aback at Lipman's quick response to the came out of his mouth naturally! Like... like it was as if he truly loved me and his want to make me happy comes naturally to him. No time to think, "I'll get more boyfriend points if I do this." He did it just because it was natural for him to!

Ladeeleroy: Are you sure?

Lipman: Sure ba-abe. I'll just pop into a Circle K and grab you a carton of milk for your granola.

I was still speechless. Luckily, the waiter was having the same shocked experience as I had.

Waiter Guy: That is so gentlemanly.

He shook his head- amazed that a bro could have such feelings for a broad. And a little touched to know that this type of romantic behavior can exist for him, too.

Lipman: Ah, it's no big deal. I'll be right back.

And he was gone. The waiter kind of stumbled away- still dazed. I looked down at my bowl of granola and tought to myself, "Damn. I really love that guy so much." I took a couple of dry bites of granola. My mindless chewing was distracted when Lipman awoken me with a great THUD.

He bought an entire gallon of milk for me.

Lipman: I remembered that you were out and you like milk so much, I just went ahead and got a gallon.

These two girls that were sitting caddy-corner from us coo-ed. They'd seen the entire thing.

Gal #1: Ohh. That is the sweetest thing. Ohhhhhhhhhh.

Gal #2: He would get major points from me for that.

She kind of winked. Every bit of eye contact she made with me screamed "give that man a blow job." That made me a little uncomfortable, since I didn't really know her.

Lipman slid back into the booth with me. He put his arm around me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. For a moment, I knew what Snow White felt when she met Prince Charming.

It was really romantic. I don't know how to express it to you guys- I mean, you'll read it and just be like, "He bought you a gallon of milk? Damn. You're easy."

It was just one of those moments when you feel your love for someone grow in less than one minute.

Had to gush.

The end.

Tomorrow- I promise- my experience at The Polyphonic Spree concert.

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