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"Hi. Touch My Nipples. Nice To Meet You."
  My best friend from High School got her nipples pierced.

I don't think that's too weird. What I do think is a little iffy is the fact that she walks around alot holding her two breasts in her hand, shaking them at certain moments to call attention to the two bars that peek through her tight Gadzook's Silk-Print shirt.

It was also a little strange when she told me to touch them. We don't even hug each other and she was gung-ho about me touching her nipples.

I said that having pierced nipples was a fantastic way to pick up guys at parties- even if you didn't have pierced nipples- you could just og up and say, "Hey- I just got my nipples pierced... feel them." And then, when the guy does, you just slap them and yell, "Fresh!" and walk away to another unsuspecting man.

That would totally get you hooked up with guys. Totally.

My best friend from High School didn't agree. She said that it would actually be pretty lame.

She then proceeded to teach her parrot the back up vocals of "Shout at The Devil."

Devil shouting parrots are lame. Much lamer than faking nipple piercings.

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