12% BEER
Um. Skip this one.
  One of the best feelings in the world is taking a nice big poop.

My childhood instilled this in me. I was always one of those kids who'd bring in an Archie Andrew's Double Digest and just sit on the comode and read about the high hilarious times of Veronica nad Betty and Jughead and Midge and all the wackiness that would occur at Riverdale.

Hm. I'm pretty impressed with my ability to recall all that. You know who was always cute in Archie comics? Reggie. Man, he was such an asshole, but I kind of liked that. I always thought that Veronica and he should just hook up and have evil rich children and let Betty and Archie get together and live happily every after in middle class suburbia.

EGADS! <--- That's what Mr. Lodge always said. I went through a phase in high school where that was the expression I used to show my surprise. I was also that girl who wore hats all the time. You know which girl I'm talking about. That Girl. Yeah. That was me.

Monday: Burgandy and Black Velvet Jester Hat

Tuesday: Large Polk-a-Dotted Mad Hatter Hat Won From Six Flags

Wednesday: Beanie. Yes. A Fucking Beanie. (Please see senior photos.)

Thursday: Beret. (Shut-up. I know.)

Friday: Hat Potpurri

However, I still managed to have friends and actually a pretty good social time in high school. I don't credit the hats with this, but nonetheless, they obviously didn't hurt.

Where was I going with this? Didn't I start off talking about big poops? Hm. Stream of conscienceness. Maybe it's the three cups of coffee I've had. Or something.

This was a crappy entry.

No pun intended.

Will make up for it later.



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