12% BEER
I Got Naked With My Best Friend
  I just got naked in front of my best friend.

It was a little weird. I didn't know how to handle the entire thing. She owed me a massage (that's what she does) and we finally went through with the entire thing. I was lying there, naked in her living room, trying to act as relaxed and perfectly comfortable while the entire time I'm thinking to myself... "She probably just noticed that back acne I can't seem to shake" or "Don't relax too much because you might accidnetally fart."

Two hours later and a half bottle of rose water lotion gone I am completely and totally a big pile of naked mush. Mush with a smile on its face.

I don't think she noticed the astrological mole formation on my left ass cheek. She would have brought something like that up.

Choosing Sean Lennon as background music was a poor choice. I will remember this next time I redeem a free massage.

Damn. I'm still a little mushy right now. Typing is kind of a chore. Maybe because my entire body is coated with oil. I'm glistening. I could go to a disco and someone could shine a flashlight on me and I'd spin around for the entertainment of the atmosphere.

I think my brain got a little mushy too. I will stop now.



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